CaVCA is an enterprising organisation and we are staunchly proud of this. As such we were delighted that the bid that we spearheaded, to have the North Yorkshire and East Riding Coast designated a Social Enterprise Place, was successful.

In the current climate, we are often talking about enterprise and resilience as means of helping communities to survive, and thrive. But what does that actually mean? I’ve been reading a lot of papers recently about the future of the sector, the state of the sector, the need for the sector to change. I’ve also been reading a lot about enterprise, about social motivation and profit with purpose. I’ve been looking at research showing that young people look for career, community and cause when trying to find a suitable job. So can we bring all of this together? For CaVCA, ‘trading for good’ on the Yorkshire Coast is not just about social enterprise development or this being a good place to locate your social firm. This is an opportunity for us to formulate a new conversation about the social economy in all-embracing terms. About how we can work together to do things differently, creating a resilient local economy that works for local people, regardless of what the regional, national and global economy is doing. It is about a reimagination of public sector service delivery and the role of the voluntary and community sector in that. It is about how businesses can operate effectively serving shareholders interests whilst also having a strong social motivation, delivering social value. It is about harnessing the enthusiasm and motivation of whichever agency, organisation, or individual who comes forward to make a difference. It is about a strategic approach to resourcing social support activity, ensuring that vital services that cannot be entrepreneurial (in income generation terms) are able to access relatively string-free fair funding, and that those services that have the ability to generate income are supported to do so with the right mix of infrastructure support and access to responsible place based finance.

We hope that our event on 26th April can be the start of these kinds of conversations. We can’t make the changes needed overnight, but we can start to build the framework for change to start to take place.