The Totally Socially team are always looking for ways to connect with the local community. Their goal is to meet members of the public and allow them to share ideas and their thoughts on what is good, and what is not so good, in their hometowns.

Keeping this in mind, a “Brew and Banter” event was recently held at a local café in Scarborough town centre. “Let it Brie” has the perfect atmosphere for such an event as it is laid back and just the right size to get a dozen people round a table for a drink and a chat.

The event was very well attended, and some fantastic opinions were raised in an informal manner. Scarborough’s Brew and Banter will be a reoccurring get-together with the hope of further developing these ideas into community led projects.

'It all starts with a conversation' – David Stone

To find out when and where the next Brew and Banter event is taking place head over to: