Emma and Claire will be working to reach out to and involve charities, consumers, social entrepreneurs, local businesses, Scarborough Borough Council and the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Emma and Claire aim to inspire, nurture and support Voluntary & Community groups, charities and Social Enterprises. 

Our working model of Inspire, Nurture and Support will involve meeting people who want to make a real difference to their local communities.  We have the time, commitment, resources and tools to ensure that we can support the voluntary, community and social enterprise sectors.

We aim to bring together those people with passion and creativity together to take ownership of community issues. 

We aim to help you articulate your vision for your voluntary, community or social enterprise.

Emma will be working in the Scarborough Borough area and has a wealth of experience in the community and voluntary sector.  Emma also runs a business with aspirations to become a Social Enterprise.  Collaboration and networking are important for Emma together with forming partnerships and helping to build a more resilient community. 

Claire will be working in the Bridlington area.  Claire has been involved in the Voluntary and Community Sector for 15 years; working within children’s and adults’ charities and for community infrastructure support organisations.  Claire has specialist knowledge of funding and has had success in bringing significant income into the area.

We look forward to working with you,
Emma and Claire

Emma Teasdale
Mobile: 07990 011409
Email: [email protected]

Claire Thomas
Mobile: 07990 011391
Email: [email protected]