We are the new kids on the block, and apart from a really cool name, not many people know exactly what we do.  It’s simple really; we promote and value play.

The Weeniverse groups are all about play, in its muddy messy glory with Wee Ramblers, planting eating and nature craft with Wee Greens or imaginative open ended scrap maker pop up play with Wee Tinkers. We create free to access play opportunities for all little people in the Scarborough area, allowing them to play freely whilst supporting parents in a positive approach to parenting and play.

This month we launch our new weekly play opportunity in conjunction with the Scarborough Attachment parenting Group, the Wee Space. It’s a weekly meet held at Emmanuel St John’s church on St Johns road every Wednesday 12.45 - 2.30pm. It’s a play group like no other, we have no toys! To us everything can be played with so we have created a space to let our little people and big people explore the possibility of constructionist play which puts children in command of their own learning choices. This combined with free access to trained family supporters and services means that the Wee Space will fast become the heart of what we deliver in our community.

Next month we will launch our play services and packages for events and businesses, creating access to fantastic play opportunities from the ‘Tinker Sprinkler’ to our ‘Lost and Found Collection Point’ of small world play or simply rocking up with some cardboard boxes and tape for pop up play we hope to be playing at festivals, parks, events, community centres, schools and even corners of cafes. Even in the smallest of spaces we can still play large.