I want to tell you about this lovely picture to introduce something about the charity it illustrates, North Yorkshire Music Therapy Centre (NYMTC) was created literally to take music therapy out on the road, with the therapists driving round North Yorkshire in a large van full of musical instruments, delivering a professional service to improve the lives of people by the power of music.

In the painting you see a milepost, symbolising the distance travelled - 25 years of service - and pointing to the future. The name on the milepost, “Musical Milestones” illustrates the project we began in 2015 to mark the amazing achievements so far of the therapeutic service, and to take the charity even further along the road.

In that year, having drawn up a map of where we were going, the first steps were to spread the word - “making a noise” – to tell people about music therapy and its importance in changing lives. Those first steps have been so important; our financial situation is more secure so that we can build the road to support more work; we have new Trustees, new volunteers, and critically, we are now in the process of taking on new staff who can deliver new projects. We’re getting there!

If you’d like to read more about music therapy and NYMTC’s role in helping people, please look at our website: www.music-therapy.org.uk. And watch this space to see more of the journey we’re taking.

Dr Caroline Hall
Chair of Trustees