CaVCA's Totally Socially team believe firmly in the power of conversation. Sometimes the best thing to do is get a load of people (that usually have never met) in one room, add coffee and just listen.

With this in mind the Scarborough Ideas Club was born.

This informal group regularly get together to talk about, well, anything! Anything to do with Scarborough.

Some like to talk about upcoming events, others like to share their thoughts on the local government.

Nothing is off the table, so if someone wants to talk about potholes, gardening, local music or just the weather, there will always be someone listening and offering their thoughts in return.

The aim of this Club is to identify and take some of these ideas forward and create new groups that have the passion and the drive to achieve their own goals.

Thus proving the point that conversation truly is the fuel for a community-warming fire.

For details of the clubs next meet, head over to