Are you an SME operating in the Humber area and would like to learn skills for social media content creation and strategic marketing?

Humber Business Growth Hub has a range of specialist business workshops, masterclasses and events which will equip ambitious businesses to grow successfully. Open to businesses eligible for the #GrowMySME programme, all of their events are free to attend and based across the Humber region.

The #GrowMySME Business Growth Scheme presents this half-day practical, interactive and outcome-focused, 'Creating Content for Social Media' workshop that is led by Jenni Harrison, Social Media Manager of Eskimo Soup and Finalist in the Young Digital Person of the Year Awards, 2018.

Social media is an ever-changing world, and it can become a full-time job to keep up with current trends, practices and platforms.

Focusing on the importance of social media for representing and growing your business, this workshop will:

  • Demonstrate the apps, tools and software everyone can master to create high quality, impactful and on-brand content without breaking the bank.
  • Equip you with the confidence to develop your own professional social media content and create a 'social media community' to help increase sales conversion.

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The #GrowMySME Business Growth Scheme presents this half-day practical, interactive & outcome-focused workshop led by John Gilbert, Managing Director of Stuff of Greatness.

John graduated with distinction in his Master's in Marketing and became one of the youngest Chartered Marketers in the world. With over 15 years experience as a corporate marketer and as a successful SME owner, John brings a wealth of strategic and practical success into his training workshops to help inspire busy entrepreneurs.

Tempting as it is to dive into marketing tactics a business will only achieve positive results if these tactics are built upon and directed by the right strategy and a strong brand.

This workshop will help you explore how to build, at the core of your business, a strategy based on fulfilling customer needs with a brand that works for your ideal customers.

Incorporating Instructional Learning, Individual Activities & Facilitated Group Discussions Your Workshop Outcomes will include:

• Identifying the difference between strategic and tactical marketing 
• The importance of doing your market research and market scanning to identify your ideal customer
• How to develop your vision, mission and values to create a strong emotional brand
• How to create and articulate your brand value proposition to attract your ideal customer.

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