This week at Musical Memories we resolved to banish all thoughts of beast, mini-beast or even the prospect of after-beast and all of the cold, damp weather we have experienced this winter.

What better way to celebrate the 1st day of Spring than to combine a friendly get together with a cream tea, a couple of hours of singing and a game of bingo?

That's right, there IS no better way...

So, on 21st March a lovely crowd of daffodils (and over 40 of our very lovely singers from all over Ryedale) gathered in the Memorial Hall in Pickering for our very first Springo-Singo-Bingo session. To be truthful, Ruth and I had never played bingo before so after much Googling and a little bit of help from our many friends at Danby Village Hall, we figured out a way to call the numbers and fit in plenty of singing - after all, the singing part was the real reason to be together!

During the tea break Ruth's scones with jam and cream helped fortify everyone for the second half and we managed to squeeze 22 songs and a full game of bingo into our 2 hour session.

The sun shone, fluffy clouds scudded across the sky and everyone left feeling much better and with a definite spring in their step.

If you would like to join us at any one of our Musical Memories sessions across Ryedale please do look at the Sing With Us page on this website. You will always have a warm welcome and enjoy plenty of fun and the chance to make new friends. We play live music (piano and guitar) and provide large print songbooks so that you can join in.

Finally, if you would like us to bring a Singo-Bingo session to your community venue - do get in touch and we will see what we can do.

Neil & Ruth - Musical Memories March 2018