With a tag line of Horticulture, Heritage and ‘Bloomin’ Heart, Whitby In Bloom promotes horticulture to benefit those who live in or visit Whitby. Volunteer led, our small charity conserves, protects and improves the physical, natural and heritage environment. Our aim is to instil civic pride and by putting horticulture at the heart of our community, improve our green spaces.

Our activities are varied...

  • Each year we enter the Britain In Bloom competition. This year’s Gold and last year’s Silver Gilt Awards are a testament to the success of our hard-working volunteers who weed, water and litter pick our ‘bloomin’ streets.
  • We focus on ‘forgotten’ areas and raised over £17,000 last year to turn a vandalised space on Cliff Street into an Alice In Wonderland paradise.
  • We run annual Velvet Lawns Community garden competitions which culminate in a stunning prize giving event each September.
  • We provide a summer maintained hanging baskets service making sure that businesses are ‘bloomin’.
  • We work with schools to educate young people on the merits of conservation. This year we will be running garden design competitions which support stem skills.
  • We meet at the Dalewood Centre at 3pm on the 3rd Wednesday of every month to discuss our progress. All are welcome and there is CAKE! We also have a Whitby In Bloom Facebook and Twitter site, so you can contact us.
  • We collaborate with other charities providing sign posting at the Dementia Awareness Garden on the East Side of town.
  • We respond to local need by looking after the Caedmon Trod pathway following requests by residents.

Who are we? We are just a small but significant group that helps communities to thrive because people and places matter and that’s why we are a member of Coast & Vale Community Action.