In 2017, Totally Socially started Calla Beck Community Allotment. The aim is to bring people together and work to maintain the allotment at Calla Beck in Whitby. The produce can then be shared with their families and other local organisations. We're looking to sell produce to local people to generate income for a good cause. Whitby Town Council have supported Totally Socially by allowing the Community Allotment to happen.

There is a small group of people who manage the allotment and make crucial decisions about the day to day running. All users will be asked to sign a code of conduct and will be asked to adhere to it. This is to respect other allotment users. Coast and Vale Community Action (Totally Socially) reserve the right to ask anyone who is not following the code of conduct to leave.

We're in need of donations of tools, and of course lots of people power! We also need people who wish to steer this group and become involved.

We recognise that there is a lot of work to do but believe it can be done by people coming together. This is a really exciting community project which will be led by people who are doing it for themselves!