Next up are Amy Kinnear (CEO) from Hartcliffe & Withywood CP and Suzanne Wilson (CEO) of Lockleaze NT to talk about their organisations and the great work they do.

HWCP is a community led, charitable organisation, based on the southern edge of Bristol, they have the noble vision of all the residents in their communities having an equal chance to lead successful, healthy and happy lives.

Amy manages a thriving community hub, a community transport service and several local engagement programmes.

Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust "support residents to achieve positive change for themselves and challenge the narrative of deprivation to one of community strength"

They achieve this through running/developing successful, community-led, organisations and housing.

Suzanne also runs a community centre in the North of Bristol.

Amy and Suzanne join forces to deliver a rousing speech about putting the community in the lead, creating opportunities and change within neighbourhoods.

"What does good community engagement look like? Having an authentic resident-led voice"

"How do we build local economies from the bottom up?" community-led social activities, housing and trading seem key here. "It will take time but we are committed"

"The best way to predict your future is to create it" is one of my favourite and most memorable take-aways from the whole convention.

Next part: Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP

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