Stella introduces Carolyn Hassan to the stage.

Carolyn is the Founder and Director of Knowle West Media Centre in Bristol and she describes it as "A place where people can co-create things"

They innovatively combine craft and technology to support better communication between communities.

Using a variety of tech they aim to provide access to new experiences and enhance people's lives.

A brilliant example is given in the form of Virtual Reality being used to allow a lady to fulfill her dream of 'flying' in an aeroplane.

Carolyn also details the purpose of their "factory," a fantastic sounding place where various items are designed, built and produced by members of the community to help overcome shared problems.

This also includes the manufacture of furniture and pre-fabricated items for new build houses!

"Tech can be good if we use it purposefully. It can be used to improve communication and support building relationships"

"Tech provides us with the opportunities to create the change that we want to see"

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