Our first speaker (and compere) was Stella Duffy OBE, the very fun and exceptionally charismatic co-director of "Fun Palaces"

After a quick rundown of her very exciting and unique background Stella explains that her life experiences thus far has brought her to the conclusion that "Everyone is capable of leading"

Stella follows with, "Hands up if you have ever felt like you don't belong"

Looks like most of us then!

"Everybody feels on some level like we don't belong, that's why we look to the community, so we can feel like we belong"

Stella then introduces "Fun Palaces" and details the first 5 years of their existence. The ideals are simple; "Can we stop place-making? Can we just acknowledge that places are made and shine a light on the brilliant people there?"

Fun Palaces are community-led events "made by local people, supporting local people to create whatever the hell they want to."

Fun Palaces are set up anywhere and everywhere, to celebrate existing projects and promote culture at the heart of community.

We're then shown some amazing statistics and a short video of this highly successful campaign, it's a simple yet mind-blowing idea that has grown year upon year. Over 350 fun palaces were made in 2017 alone, engaging well over 100,000 people!

Next part: Carolyn Hassan from Knowle West Media Centre

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