I really didn't know what to expect at this point; I'm told to head to the foyer, grab a pack-up and look out for a lady holding a sign saying "Windmill Hill City Farm"

Mission accomplished!

The bus journey was a short one but I still had time to talk with a few of the delegates sat close to me, I had a really interesting chat with a friendly chap called Neil, he's currently studying at Cardiff University and he specialises in Community Asset transfers. I jot down his email address with the hope to open communication with him about some of the projects I'm currently developing here in Scarborough.

There was about 20 other delegates that selected this visit as their first excursion from the convention, and what a great choice it was!

My initial thought stepping off the bus was "What?! A fully functioning farm slap-bang in the middle of a city? How is this even possible?"

The group are greeted by the perpetually passionate, project manager Steve Sayers.

By the time Steve has explained the history of the farm and how it came to be my mind is literally racing. I'm currently helping to set up a similar community garden right here in Scarborough! (Albeit on a much smaller scale)

So many questions, so little time!

I soon found myself wandering round the farm literally in awe of what they had created and dreaming of what "Scarborough Fayre" could potentially become.

It was raining but no one in the group seemed to care, the evidence of this self-sufficient, community farm that was presented before us was simply mind-blowing and a true testimony to the power a community wields.

Windmill Hill City Farm is so much more than "just a farm."

It offers childcare, school visits, community allotments, picnic areas, venue hire, health and social care for the vulnerable, drug/alcohol recovery programmes, a cafe that serves their own produce and even an outdoor play area developed and built by the very people it is intended for.

Not to mention goats, chickens, cows and pretty much every organic vegetable that you can think of.

Community garden nirvana

Time flew by on this visit and it wasn't long before we were back on the bus returning to the convention.

Next part: Trinity Art Centre

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