Coast and Vale Community Action exists to help communities thrive because people and places matter.

Our Strategic Vision is of thriving communities which are independent, entrepreneurial and connected.

Our Mission is to:

  • Support, develop and empower communities
  • Help people and communities to feel a sense of collective agency – so they believe in their ability to work together to make a difference
  • Promote co-operation and common goals aimed at improving lives for everyone

The way in which we deliver this mission is by bringing people together, providing access to facilities and resources and building confidence, aspiration and entrepreneurial skills.  By doing this we can help to support a local economy that works for local people, we can build the foundations for growing aspirations, and we can grow resilient people and communities.

Our work is

  • People focused
  • Place based
  • Dynamic (it adapts and changes); and
  • Collaborative, building strong relationships and encouraging the sharing of power.

If you have an idea to make a difference to your community which will improve lives, then we can help you.