More and more, food waste is becoming an important topic for people all over the country and the world. At the same time, the increase of people living in food poverty is readily being reported.

Whitby is a bustling town full of food producers, supermarkets, local shops and food related outlets including restaurants and cafes which are generating waste food every day. Waste food is food that businesses can no longer sell but is still perfectly safe to eat but is readily thrown away.

Meanwhile, data shows that working people on the Yorkshire Coast earn the least amount of money whilst claiming the least in benefits in the whole of North Yorkshire. All of which means that there is a great need for food in Whitby for young families and for people of all ages and walks of life.

Can we in Whitby complete ‘A Food Circle’ and bring down food waste and tackle food poverty by passing on any unsaleable, but safely edible food stuffs? Can we as a town do it? Can we be food champions?

We believe we can! – through the development of a ‘Community Fridge’ similar to the Ryedale Free Fridge which we supported to get off the ground. Take a look at and for general information about community fridges.

We want to develop a community fridge for Whitby, which will be the first of its kind along the North Yorkshire coast - this would certainly put Whitby on the map as a concerned town, addressing food poverty by supporting those who need food through the re-distribution of waste food.

Can you help us to get this worthwhile project up and running? 

To find out more about our project and how you can get involved, please come along to our open meeting on Tuesday 19th March at Green Lane Centre at 10.30am.

Download our poster (JPEG)