When something breaks or stops working why do so many of us just throw it out and scrabble around for the money to replace it? It’s wasteful and expensive. Wouldn’t it make more sense to mend things? 

Better still let’s make mending things into a positive social activity that brings people together and mends a lot more than the broken item.

We want to test this idea and offer the chance for people to fix things (on this occasion portable electronic and electrical devices). Those with good skills would be welcome to share their expertise. If you share our passion for this potential project and want to work with us to make it happen please contact [email protected]

To start the ball rolling Totally Socially and Whitby Area Sheds will hold a repair gathering at the Scouts Hall in Whitby on Tuesday 26th February (Half Term) 10am – 1pm

The session will be run by James Pickstone from The Restart Project, a ‘people powered social-enterprise that aims to fix relationships with electronics.’ The event will be under their “Restart Party” title and is aimed to provide hands-on experience of organising such a event for Whitby. 

If this event proves successful then there will be a second event run by ourselves which could include general items for repair.

Please note that microwaves are not items that can be repaired.

The Restart Party will be at Eskmouth (Whitby) Scout Hall off Spring Hill above Trlllo’s and to the left of Bagdale Lodge, There is no parking there.

Find out more here:
https://therestartproject.org/ and contact Charlotte for more details about the event.