When I was asked by my manager if I wanted to attend a "Locality Convention" down in Bristol my immediate thought was "...a what?"

I've been Totally Socially's Locality Worker for the Scarborough area for 12 months and I'd never even heard of such an event.

A quick Google search brought me to the Locality website:

"Locality Convention is the biggest sector event of the year! You can join hundreds of inspiring members, partners and people working in the community, voluntary and social enterprise sectors to unlock the power of community with us."

Ace. I'm in!

Hotel booked, train tickets booked, bag packed. Let's go.

My first train was cancelled so a six hour journey turned into seven. I had loads of work to catch up on and this was the perfect opportunity.

My Locality blog is quite large, so it's in several parts - click on the links below to read my story!


Unlocking the Power of Community

Amy Kinnear & Suzanne Wilson

Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP

Windmill Hill City Farm

Trinity Art Centre

Keep It Local: Services that Transform Lives

Heather Williams from Knowle West Health Park Company

Paul Streets from Lloyds Bank Foundation

David Ellington from VS1 Productions

Ujima Radio CIC & Bristol Cable

Stella Duffy from Fun Palaces

Carolyn Hassan from Knowle West Media Centre

David Robinson

Rebecca Trevalyan from Library of Things

Miriam Delogu from The Circle

My final thoughts?

Being relatively new to this job and having never attended an event like this I find myself able to offer an untainted, fresh, outsider view.

I can honestly say that Locality 2018 was a mind-blowing, inspiring, emotional and exhilarating experience.

I came away from the convention feeling incredibly proud of my job and invigorated like never before. I have gained so many new connections and developed new ideas to take back home. On top of this I ultimately felt privileged to have rubbed shoulders with so many great, community-minded, people from across the UK.

Tremendous energy and passion at every turn. 10/10

Roll on Locality 2019!

(Some of the images used in this article have been sourced online)