An exciting new facility for all ages is being created at The Street.

Totally Socially are working with a team of volunteers to create Scarborough’s first and only NERF-gun arena for the kids (and big kids) of Scarborough to meet, socialise and do battle in a safe and friendly environment.

The project is in still early development, however CaVCA have already procured over 40 “NERF blasters”, over 2000 darts and several set pieces that will make up the arena/battleground.

We are now actively seeking volunteers as we step into the next stage of our set design. We are looking for anyone able to hold a paintbrush as well as people willing to help us wallpaper several plywood boards that will create the brickwork effect we are looking for.

We will soon be announcing an open day where volunteers of all ages can help paint/decorate the set pieces, meet the team and try out our extensive armoury.

If you are interested in volunteering, then please click here

You can also keep up to date with the project at our Facebook page