Friday 17th May saw the first ever ‘Meet you at the Bus Stop’ event in Stainsacre.

Stainsacre unfortunately has a disused bus stop due to Arriva cutting the bus service nearly two years ago. What better place to meet than the stone built, cosy building that was formerly the bus stop! The bus stop was decorated throughout with bunting, fairy lights, bunting, cushions and throws. Charlotte from Totally Socially had previously put posters up in the village and flyers through peoples doors hoping that people might come along to talk about current issues and meet fellow villagers – she was not disappointed!

During the morning people started arriving early. People continued to come throughout the morning until the bus stop was bursting at the seams. Some 20 people arrived. We had some great conversations around current issues in Stainsacre, but more importantly how villagers could try to overcome them. We were lucky enough to have 2 parish councillors who came along to inform the group about what the parish council was currently doing. It was noted that there are vacancies on the parish council and that the next meeting for Hawsker and Stainsacre Parish Council would be held on Tuesday 4th June at 7pm at Hawsker Village Hall.

There was so much to talk about and people enjoyed the meeting so much that it was decided that it will all happen again a month from now on Friday 14th June, 10.30am – 12 noon at The Bus Stop!

If you know anyone from Stainsacre please let them know that this little event is happening again. We do understand that not everyone can attend at this time of day. If you are one of those people please get in touch. If you are from another village and you’d like to see how this might run in your area, please get in touch. Remember, we used the bus stop because it wasn’t being used. Look around you in your area, what is not being used that could be? Our ‘Meet you at the...’ events are not just about the place, it's about the people who come! So maybe next time we’ll see you at the playpark, the car park, the phone box, on the green, at the bench...