We are thrilled to have taken delivery of advance copies of a unique, locally-focussed story book designed for teachers who are interested in developing social action projects with their pupils.

“The Weekend Wavers and the Bubbaglug Treasure Hunt” follows Micky, Chaz, Jade, Mel and Bubba the caretaker as they visit local Scarborough landmarks and develop their idea to rid the streets and beaches of litter.

The book was co-produced by our lottery-funded Totally Socially project and Engaging Education.  As well as relatable characters, entertaining storyline, brilliant illustrations and a recognisable Scarborough setting it also has practical exercises that will enable schools to develop their own ideas and community initiatives.  

We are keen to trial the resource in schools and would be delighted to hear from teachers who are interested in helping us take this project forward.

Email [email protected]