The northern stretch of the Yorkshire Coast (and about thirty miles inland) has been recognised by Social Enterprise UK as the Yorkshire Coast Social Enterprise Zone, that is an area where social enterprise is thriving and where key stakeholders are working together to develop the social enterprise sector.       

If you are doing something interesting, useful or fun for the local community but you don't know if this means you are, or could be, a "social enterprise" just talk to us and we'll help you work out where you fit.

Social Enterprise is a subject that's heavy on jargon and misconceptions.  We don't think it should be so we do our best to cut through the jargon and bust some myths as we go along.  We focus on what it is you are trying to do and how best we can help you  to do it.

Does that sound like the kind of support you need? 

If it does, just get in touch by emailing [email protected]

News from our Ambassadors

Inspire, Nurture and Support

So since being in post, it's been a 'hit the floor running' kind of beginning whilst we try and introduce ourselves and our roles into the community and businesses around the borough.

Partnership is key to delivery of this project and some exciting times ahead whilst we try to determine a collaborative way of delivery, showcasing our Social Enterprises across the borough, both old and new...

To Inspire, Nurture and Support is the aim and we have begun with the ‘Inspire’ sessions delivering facilitated approach conversations about what is a ‘Social Enterprise’. It usually begins with the conversation starting ‘don’t get caught up in terms!’ There are a lot of options of there, but what really matters is that people are wanting to create something meaningful, whatever model of business you're considering, if you feel good, want to do good, let's talk. If it's about People and Places, a business idea with social objectives central to your economic objective, get in touch...

Emma Teasdale

Social Enterprise Ambassador (Scarborough)

Local Links Event (14th December)

Together with partners from the HEY Smile Foundation, East Riding Voluntary Action Services (ERVAS), the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and the Big Lottery we held a Local Links event in Bridlington in December.  With the aims of disseminating information and networking, over 25 organisations were represented at the event.  I was able to launch my involvement in developing and supporting the VCSE sector in Bridlington and bring people and organisations together for the benefit of the Bridlington community.  I was also able to work with local charities to put together business proposals for the Big Lottery Funding Officer and I took the Funding Officer on visits to show him the valuable projects, services and activities being delivered.  I am mindful of the Big Lottery’s aim to form relationships with local charities.

Claire Thomas

Social Enterprise Ambassador (Bridlington)

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