The northern stretch of the Yorkshire Coast (and about thirty miles inland) has been recognised by Social Enterprise UK as the Yorkshire Coast Social Enterprise Zone, that is an area where social enterprise is thriving and where key stakeholders are working together to develop the social enterprise sector.       

If you are doing something interesting, useful or fun for the local community but you don't know if this means you are, or could be, a "social enterprise" just talk to us and we'll help you work out where you fit.

Social Enterprise is a subject that's heavy on jargon and misconceptions.  We don't think it should be so we do our best to cut through the jargon and bust some myths as we go along.  We focus on what it is you are trying to do and how best we can help you to do it.

Does that sound like the kind of support you need? 

If it does, just get in touch by emailing [email protected]

News from our Ambassadors

How we can help your social enterprise in Bridlington

Bridlington is vibrant with community action - there's a number of groups and individuals working towards social goals.  There is some fantastic work taking place with bringing communities together; supporting individuals and developing new ideas.  This vibrancy was evident in our well-attended community Local-Links meeting last month.  The room was buzzing with connections and partnerships being formed and networks developing!
At CaVCA and specifically the Social Enterprise Ambassador role in Bridlington, we seek to support communities to both survive and thrive.  I seek to support Bridlington groups to look at social enterprise solutions and opportunities.  The challenge I have is that everyone is so busy: it’s difficult to think beyond the everyday stresses and struggles of delivering services. 
The reality is that for community groups, charities and social enterprises to still be delivering great work in 2, 5 or even 10 years, we must take time to look at how robust we are and how we can improve.  I am here to help, I have dedicated time to support the good work.  How can I help?  Well, I can;-
Provide one to one and group-based support – for planning, strategy and capacity building
Organise events and networking activities – for information-sharing and partnership working
Deliver and provide training and development activities – for funding, marketing and governance…
As the Bridlington Social Enterprise Ambassador, I have had the pleasure of helping a local group think more sustainably with the generation of income along with some grant-funding support.  In addition, I am currently helping a charity to look at succession planning and move from the reliance on a few volunteers to creating employment and, looking to the future, I am excited by some new developments in Bridlington (to be revealed!).

Claire Thomas 

If you have an urgent enquiry, please email [email protected]

Social Enterprise Ambassador (Bridlington)

What is a Social Enterprise...

So a lot of conversation is being had in the Borough about the term ‘Social Enterprise’.

A Social Enterprise is like any other business in that it works to deliver goods and services to make a profit, however the difference is when you are driven by a social and environmental purpose, and any profit is reinvested towards achieving these purposes… this has stimulated a lot of conversation with ‘potential entrepreneurs’ coming in to talk about an ‘idea’.

Social Enterprises operate in almost every industry, if it can show its accountable and transparent, and willing to reinvest the majority of their profits (yes you can earn a wage!) then perhaps your business (or idea) is something we need to discuss further - please get in touch…

Click here to find out about our ideas club in Scarborough

Emma Teasdale

Emma works on Tuesdays and Thursdays - if you have an urgent enquiry, please email [email protected]

Social Enterprise Ambassador (Scarborough)

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