Imagine a silent disco but with live music!

After speaking with several members of the local music scene in Scarborough it quickly became apparent that there was a severe lack of rehearsal spaces within the town. With such a highly diverse and thriving musical community right on our doorstep, it was obvious that action needed to be taken.

A basic idea was formulated and after a couple of Totally Socially coffee meetings with local bands, this idea became a solid action plan and Studio 3 was born.

The studio is essentially a “silent practice space”, utilising the very best electric drum kit on the market and modular guitar amplification which will only be audible through headphones provided to each member of the band. All of this is available to hire at The Street.

Naturally, this is to keep the neighbours and other service users happy but will also enable musicians to clearly hear what they are playing and further refine their art.

The overall aim of this project is to provide a much-needed service to the musical community, and potentially connect with a very broad group of young people.

We also offer live-videos, rendered in jaw-dropping 4K High Definition resolution with digital sound taken directly from the mixing desk!

The latest addition of a Canon XA30 digital video camera, funded through our Big Lottery project Totally Socially, means we can now increase our support for the local music community.

The footage taken is produced to the highest possible standard and the result is a very well-polished live video coupled with Studio 3’s unique, crystal clear digital sound.

This has helped Studio 3 branch out and become a well-known brand within the local music community and serves as a powerful tool for our service users to showcase their talents through social media.

But don't just take our word for it - here's what others have had to say;

"I went to this today, Dan's created a very nice band practice setup, easy to use, top quality, nice electric drumkit. The basic idea is you practice through headphones, but that allows everyone to have their own mix (and it's dead easy to set up on the desk) and to be honest it sounds loads better through headphones than through the PA."

"Nipped down to the Studio 3 open day this afternoon... huge, massive well done to Dan Green for making it a reality... I don't mind admitting I was a bit sceptical when the idea was first mooted, but hats off to Dan for having the drive and enthusiasm to make it happen... the set up is awesome and I suspect that bands rehearsing there will find they'll hone their skills massively"

So what are you waiting for? The practice space is now taking bookings at £10 per hour with the first hour free.

To book a session either drop in to The Street or head over to Studio 3’s Facebook page and see for yourself!