CaVCA's Totally Socially team live and breathe community events.  If they are not attending them they are making them happen and every summer they really up their game and create even more activities to get people involved.

In 2018 they put on the Totally Socially Summer Social - five events in a little over a week all aimed at inspiring people, connecting people and getting good things to happen.  

Over two hundred people took part, hearing from projects from outside our area, getting together over picnics and barbecues, cleaning up beaches and listening to live music. 

The chance meetings, conversations and discussions that took place are where the new respons, es to the challenges facing communities start and that's what Totally Socially works on throughout the year.  

Mel Bonney-Kane, CaVCA's CEO, introduces the Summer Social Big Brew and Banter and sets out CaVCA's vision.

Gareth Roberts from Sheffield's Regather speaks at the Summer Social Big Brew and Banter about how an essay became a co-operative enterprise.

Cllr John Blackie from Hawes Community Office speaks at the Summer Social Big Brew and Banter about a community's successful battles to save, by taking over, essential local services.

Walter Head from Hawes Community Office speaks at the Summer Social Big Brew and Banter about the amazing story of The Little White Bus