Find out a little bit more about our wonderful trustees.  

Lee Barker

After more years than she cares to remember leading various charities Lee is delighted she is now able to borrow children to take to the play park as an emergency and respite foster carer.

Guy Baumann

Guy runs a social enterprise working with children and technology, a charity supporting children with SEND and in his spare time enjoys rugby, pork scratchings and winding up David Stone.

Moira Cunningham

I am an experienced voluntary sector manager, volunteer, Board Member, consultant; retired CVS Director, recently moved back to the Scarborough area (which I love) after many years living in the Peak District and working in Manchester area. My ‘3rd Age’ career and passion is complementary therapy, focusing on end of life care; and yoga, as Transformational Yoga Master trained in New Delhi. Having specialised in voluntary sector governance and organisation development, I am pleased to bring relevant skills, knowledge and experience to the CaVCA Board.

Lesley Dixon

Richard Grunwell

Richard Grunwell in the Trustees' Chair. Retired Solicitor, Scarborough Business Ambassador, Community man.

Jane Mortimer

David Warner

David is passionate about People, Places, Philanthropy and how they can combine to do good and change the world. Now living the dream and helping make a difference in Scarborough.

Bob Walton

Bob is a former consultant chartered surveyor and has interests in creating and maintaining community assets as places for people.